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Validate lists with unmatched speed and accuracy

Validate by list or by address to ensure that every contact is vetted and verified before its time to send

Speed and reliability

The fastest, most accurate email validation tool

The cleaner your list, the better your deliverability. Domain and IP reputation, email engagement, conversion, and user satisfaction are all key signals directly tied to email list validation.

When every contact counts, you want the fastest, most reliable email validation services on the market. Mailgun Validate uses real cached send data instead of just a broken SMTP handshake to validate lists with a level of speed and accuracy you won't find with the competition.

A line art graphic illustration showing email verification.
Reporting graph of open rate, clicked, and bounced statistics

Eliminate wasteful spending

Reduce spend, increase engagement

Stop wasting valuable marketing and email resources sending to addresses that don’t exist, or worse – end up damaging your sender reputation.

With the right email verification tool, you ensure that your lists are comprised of your best audiences. Mailgun Validate has helped leading brands increase open rates by 65%, decrease bounce rates by 21%, and double their click-through-rate.

Built for senders at scale

Verify at scale

For an email program at scale with tens or hundreds of millions of contacts, list cleaning can be a lengthy, monotonous process. You need access to tools and services that work as fast as you do.

With over 400 billion emails delivered every year, we are no strangers to high-volume email programs. Use Mailgun Validate to verify large lists and get fast, accurate results in minutes instead of days.

Email validation results
A graphic illustration showing how a single email verification catches invalid email addresses.

Results that protect your platform

Use validations to protect your platform

For multi-tenant senders and other high volume use cases, the businesses who use your platform have a direct impact on deliverability, and therefore platform functionality.

Use Mailgun Validate to vet incoming customers by list to keep bad users off your platform and protect your reputation as a sender and a provider.

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