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Comprehensive email solutions

Reliable email infrastructure at scale for enterprise businesses

Get your time-sensitive, high-volume emails on their way to inboxes without delay.

Mailgun's Enterprise services.

Over 150,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailgun

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Power at scale

At high volumes, you need every guarantee that your emails will arrive on time and without delay. Send millions of emails a month with the Email Service Provider that puts your use case and deliverability first:

  • Throughput, Delivery, Verification, and Response Time SLAs at various tiers that meet your needs

  • 99.99% Server Uptime with swift communications should something impact your sending

  • GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC I & II compliant

Send with reassurance

For enterprise businesses, our Service Level Agreement (SLAs) are more than promises where you sign the dotted line. They are financial commitments to deliver the desired level of performance without fail to you – every day:

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Rapid Fire Throughput SLA

Up to 72 million message requests an hour (1.2 million requests a minute).

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Rapid Fire Delivery SLA

Guaranteed 99% attempted delivery of up to 15 million messages within the first five minutes of sending.

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Email Validation SLA

Customers utilizing the single verifications API method are guaranteed to receive a response from the service within 200ms of receiving the request for 95% of any given monthly volume.

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Support Response Time SLAs

Variable, guaranteed response time frames and communication methods.

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"Mailgun makes it easy to build and manage a large-scale email marketing application with thousands of customers sending millions of emails."


Chris Hexton

CEO & Co-Founder, Vero


Built for dependability

With Mailgun, your emails are supported by a robust cloud architecture maintained around the clock by our engineering team to ensure swift and secure delivery to mailboxes:

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Server Uptime for dependable reliability

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340 billion plus emails

sent yearly at scale

Protect your data and customers

Privacy is paramount to customers of your business. Companies that require HIPAA compliance of their communications providers are covered under Mailgun, which maintains HIPAA, SOC I & II, and GDPR compliance.

Looking for additional compliance standards? Our security portal has a comprehensive list of all our data practices, protections, and compliance standards across the Sinch Email portfolio.

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Everything you need to create a thoughtful communications experience

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Integrate in minutes

Mailgun’s RESTful APIs make adding emails to your business a breeze. Let your development team pick their languages of choice and start sending.

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Empower effortless template creation

Team members can create responsive, beautiful templates all from your application with Mailjet’s Email Editor through Mailjet Embedded.

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Test your customers’ email templates

With previews on over 100+ clients and devices, Email on Acid helps you make certain your message displays as intended—in every inbox.

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Expand your communications offerings

Send personal, secure messages directly to your customers on their favorite channels, with cloud-based messaging services from Sinch.

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Utilize actionable insights

Spend less time monitoring your reputation and email performance by having an Mailgun Optimize expert proactively track your email program.

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Add a personal touch

Create a customizable video or voice chat experience in mobile, web, or desktop applications to build deeper connections with your customer base.

Report for inbox placement statistics

Enable customer engagement success

You and your customers shouldn’t need to be email experts to send incredible emails that return amazing results – we’ll solve deliverability issues for you. With Mailgun Optimize you can provide your customers with powerful, detailed data and industry-leading products like spam trap monitoring, blocklist monitoring, and Inbox Placement tests.

This allows you to maximize returns, improve deliverability, and provide your customers with everything for their email sending needs.

Microsoft, Wikipedia, and American Express trust Mailgun Enterprise with their email programs.

Are you ready to transform your email strategy?
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