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Insightful diagnostics with email logs

Diagnose email delivery issues efficiently with Mailgun’s email logs. Should your emails ever fail to deliver, Mailgun’s email logs provides you every mail event of a message to make finding and solving errors as efficient as possible. With up to 30 days of log retention, you’ll never worry about losing the data before you’re able to troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot on the fly

Understanding what happens to your email messages when error codes occur is pivotal to the functionality of every email program. Whether it's an error with the recipient mail server or an issue with the initial message delivery, email log files allow you to view the errors at the exact moment they occurred.

Logs are retained for up to 30 days so that you can troubleshoot specific emails sent, review weekly trends, and figure out how to make improvements all from within your control panel. With all of this data at your disposal, pinpointing problems will take less time and help keep your email program running smoothly.

Illustration of email logs for an email campaign.
Illustration showing the statistics for email logs and analytics.

Detect patterns and irregularities

Go beyond basic troubleshooting by proactively using email logs to detect patterns and irregularities across all of your messages. Is a particular domain seeing a high bounce rate during a specific date or time range, or are your recipient addresses the culprit?

Regardless of what patterns you’re looking for, email logs make it that much easier to understand what influences your email delivery and overall deliverability.

Protect your sender reputation

Build a reputation to be proud of by detecting deliverability issues through email logs. Delivering to the inbox takes more than a flashy email template or snappy outbound content. Regularly searching logs for delivery status failures is a great way to monitor your account for performance issues. When paired with a clean list, your reputation monitoring will help keep you off of blocklists and maintain your sending IP address and domain health.

Illustration of the different categories for deliverability.
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Search in seconds

If you need to locate something specific, you need to be able to find it fast within your email logs. An intuitive search function goes a long way in cutting down on the time cost of troubleshooting an issue. Configure and filter through all of your messages with a variety of values including:

  • TO and FROM addresses found in headers

  • event type

  • list name

  • tag name

  • message ID

  • subject line

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