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Build with the platform that enables you to send, track, and optimize emails effortlessly

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Over 150,000 companies are building connected experiences with Mailgun

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Great emails are personalized – your email program should be too

No two businesses communicate alike, let alone to the same people. Pick and choose which solutions best fit your needs, with the ability to flex other tools should your strategy and goals change. Mailgun offers solutions that can be tailored to your business strategy.

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Integrate email seamlessly into your systems with industry-leading reliability, compliance, and speed.

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Boost email engagement, avoid the spam folder, and increase your email ROI with tools that drive performance.

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Reach more customers and drive more conversions with the fastest email validation service on the market.

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Reliable scalability

Send with assurance

Email plays a crucial role in your tech stack, and the technologies powering your email program should integrate seamlessly and scale effortlessly on a platform known for its compliance and reliability. Whether you’re looking to send thousands or millions of emails to the inbox, parse incoming messages, or connect your email data to a CRM – Mailgun can handle anything.

Effortless performance

Optimize with purpose

From day-to-day decision making to long-term strategic planning, we provide the perfect combination of insight and expertise you need to build and maintain a high-ROI email program. Mailgun Optimize combines two essential elements, applications and expertise, to create one comprehensive email deliverability suite.

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Effective validation

Validate with accuracy

When every email counts, you can't afford to waste time and money sending to addresses that don’t exist. Mailgun email validations leverage cached send data to deliver the fastest, most accurate results in the industry. Integrate our real-time Email Validation API or drag and drop your lists to quickly remove invalid and high-risk addresses.

Built on proof, not promises

The data speaks for itself

Results current customers see include


Decreased bounces


Increased open rates


Increased clicks

The leverage you need with a provider you can trust

Moving to a new email service provider is a big investment, but it isn't one you need to make with your eyes closed. We partnered with Forrester to explore the potential improvements Mailgun could provide a composite customer based on data from interviewed customers to give you a better idea of what success could look like for you.

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"For us, at the volume we're sending – every fraction of a percentage means a potential customer, and as a community of designers, it's our job to create meaningful touchpoints. High deliverability ensures that our messages and our reach are seen; any improvement in our email program has a huge effect on our business."

Michael Sacca

Michael Sacca

Vice President of Product at Dribbble

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