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Email validation platform

Validate with accuracy​

Stop wasting time and money sending to email addresses that don’t exist. Reach more customers and drive more conversions with the fastest email validation service on the market.

Over 150,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailgun

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Best-in-class email verification

A bad email address is a missed opportunity

Over 20% of your email database will go bad this year. Sending to invalid email addresses results in unnecessary bounces and lower engagement which damages your sender reputation.

We have the tools you need to reach more subscribers and maximize the impact of your email program. Use Mailgun email validation to remove invalid and high-risk email addresses from your list before you send.

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Mailgun Validate

When low quality lists are draining your resources, Mailgun Validate can help. Get more from your email program with Mailgun Validate:

  • Remove invalid and high-risk addresses from your lists instantaneously

  • Minimize hard bounces

  • Increase engagement

  • Improve your sender reputation

  • Maximize inbox placement

  • Stay out of the spam folder

Optimize email performance

Unlock the true potential of your email program

Hit your email program KPIs, all while saving time and money with a clean email list. Customers who verify email addresses with Mailgun Optimize before they send lowered their bounce rates by 21%, dramatically improving their delivery rates and maximizing the ROI of their email program.

With less bounces damaging your sender reputation, you can achieve better deliverability, higher engagement, and most importantly, more conversions.

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Streamline your email flow

Save time for yourself and your customers

Mailgun Optimize is built on the tried-and-true Mailgun infrastructure that delivers over 450B emails every year. We use existing email data to enrich our verification service, giving you a level of speed, performance, and accuracy that won't be found with the competition.

When verifying large contact lists, get your results in minutes instead of hours or days. Need to clean a list with millions of addresses? Simply upload your CSV file, grab a cup of coffee, and come back to a clean email list.

Verify your way

Our email verification tool is designed to be flexible so you can mold it around the needs of your business. You can verify individually, in bulk, or directly at the point of collection via API. Not sure if your list needs cleaning? Get an aggregate assessment in seconds to find out before you verify.

1. Real-time validation

Embed our API in your signup page or form

Verify contacts immediately at the point of collection 

  • Provide smart suggestions for common typos

  • Avoid disposable addresses and protect against bot attacks

  • Ensure accuracy with checks done against both our own cached email send data and the mailbox provider themselves

2. List validation​

Verify your existing email address lists

Upload a CSV file and verify by list

  • Immediately identify and remove undeliverable contacts

  • Catch email addresses that have turned into honey pots

  • Make smart decisions on who you should and shouldn’t send to using our risk score

  • Get results on millions of emails in a fraction of the time other verification providers can

3. Validation preview

Run an aggregate verification preview

Not sure if your list needs cleaning?

  • Get an instant, risk-free assessment of your list that won’t cost a thing

  • See your aggregate list health and risk-level before you choose to verify

  • Run tests regularly to monitor list health or vet incoming/existing customers by their list health and collection practice

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Get comprehensive results

Leave nothing to question

All our applications are built in-house, from the ground up, backed by years of email expertise. Mailgun email validation features go beyond simple grammar rules – we check email addresses against our own cached data and directly with mailbox providers to verify every address on your list. Our verifications offer:

  • A unique risk score for each address

  • Mailbox/MX verification

  • Predictive contact engagement profiles

  • Role-based address verification

  • Disposable address verification

  • Catch-all address verification

  • Suggestions for suspected typos

  • RFC grammar rule check

Protect your platform

Stop abuse without sacrificing performance

A bot attack can turn into full-blown DDoS attacks if detected too late, causing massive disruption to your email program and costing you time and money. Use Mailgun Optimize Verification to identify suspicious domains that bad actors could be using to disrupt your business.

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"Mailgun email validations API is simple and incredibly accurate. It allows our customers to make changes to their email address quickly, which only adds to the product’s value-add."


Joe Dan Galyean

Vice President of Software Development at Cinemark


What’s email verification?

Email verification is a process that checks if an email address is deliverable. In other words, this tool determines if it’s possible to deliver mail to that email address before you send an email.

Why is email verification important?

Email verification is important because it:

  • Boosts your delivery rate by removing invalid email addresses.

  • Maintains your mailing list hygiene by keeping your email list up-to-date.

  • Improves your email marketing metrics like click-through rate (CTR), open rate, and click-to-open ratio (CTOR).

  • Protects your sender reputation.

How does email verification impact my email deliverability?

Email deliverability is highly impacted by bounced emails. Decrease email bounces by performing email verifications ahead of time.

Your IP address and domain reputation takes a hit when your email service provider (ESP) can’t place your email into a subscriber’s inbox. This impacts future deliverability because email clients rely on IP and sender reputations to determine whether or not to deliver your messages. If you have a bad sender or IP reputation, email clients may decide to place emails sent from your domain name in your subscriber’s spam folder. Or, they may not deliver them at all.

When should I validate my email list?

If you’ve bought a mailing list (which we highly recommend that you don’t) or if you’ve inherited a mailing list you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a great idea to use an email verifier.

In addition, if your list has grown or it’s been some time since you last verified your email addresses, we recommend that you give your mailing list a health check today.

What does Mailgun Optimize’s email validation tool check for?

Mailgun OptimizeEmail validation tools checks for the following:

  • The email address syntax is correct.

  • The domain is set up to receive email.

  • The email address exists.

  • The address doesn’t have any cached bounce events from the Mailgun network.

  • The email address isn’t a high-risk address.

  • The email address isn’t a role-based email address such as or

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